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Manager’s Message

Education means nurturing the natural Instinct.

Education means not only to make literates or make employable, professionals, entrepreneurs & trained to strive for livelihood but it refers to all around development of a child. it means development of the inherent qualities of the child ,the nature have blessed with.

Wisdom and there by knowledge is one of the grand pillars of education, was compared to light and ignorance to darkness by the ancients. Etymologically, Vid is the root of the word Vidya .Vid means light, ya mean what .So the meaning of the term ‘Vidya’ is that which gives light. From this term, it is evident that Brahma Vidya (Knowledge of self) alone deserve to be known as Vidya ,as it illumines our minds .Just as lightness & darkness cannot co-exist in the same place at the same time ,Vidya & Avidya (Ignorance)cannot be together. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”.

Thus our gentle Craft, by seeking to “Bring me to light”, not symbolically but morally & spiritually, is the finest & fittest working tool to lift the shadow of evil, ignorance & injustice of the life of man; the recognition of which is a benign labor, to which we may well give the best, if we are, or hope to be, toiling to spread the rays of light that we and all men may see what is true and what is right.

Education is also a spiritual window shopper. Not that we wanted anything in particular did not even know what we were looking for. How do we find balance in my relationship? How do we become emotionally expressive ,or street smart ? How do we deal with the manifest world? How do we relate to money & Power? How do we bring higher concepts in to body & emotions, not suppress or fight them, but have them work in harmony. That is spiritual quest.

The awareness inculcated the day to day observations, and life style got rid of a lot of what did not need. Mother guided us through the classes that were a frame work for our lives. If we put in effort, we needed to learn to let go of it. Do our best & leave the rest.

Education means dispeller of darkness. By shining the light of self-knowledge, the Guru through education helps us see those aspects that we are hiding from; recognize the universal potential with us.
Education is the vehicle that takes us closer to success in our life

We discover this hidden talent to focus on the grooming of these qualities shaping him in to a complete man of holistic character. The child is made aware that he is an integral part of nature if he loves & protects nature. The nature too will return in tolto.He should do all which is needed to protect the natural enviourment & to keep it clean & hygienic.

We create patriotism & generate ethical values & make them recognize dignity of labor inculcate cultural Indian heritage & to respect the seniors and be affectionate and helping hand to needy persons.

Self is the seed to further grow, not just of the individual but of the society as a whole .With changing times, human begins too are changing in different ways .Today I see the younger generation is far more intelligent but also far more aggressive .The rage is more, the anger is quick As patience wears thin, stress is becoming thicker.

So even with all the facilities & assets people is constantly live in a tense atmosphere .One is then forced to ask if material fulfillment is all what our student is seek .Spiritual & emotional fulfillment also matter a lot. Hence, it becomes a responsibility of the education system to instill in our students those values which help them to create stability in every stage of their life.

I am happy to note that in A.P.GARG we lay equal emphasis on their students in anger management, anxiety control meditation, yoga etc., in this regard.

It is only these balanced, happy & dignified individuals whose bring about positive changes .The persons who sits at the top of every company is not just qualified in terms of knowledge but also in terms of wisdom .Be curious to know more but also be wise to make the distinction between right and wrong.

Be ambitious but also be ethical. Learn & acquire skill but also use the education to build a strong character, calm mind & a composed nature .do unto others as you except others to do unto you .behave yourself before you want others to behave. Then, the better is the quality of self; the better will be the quality of the world.

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